As expected Spencer Rattler in portal

speculation on lots of destinations including LA

Remember his dad is from Conway and he grew up a Hog fan, but Bielema didn’t recruit him. Sam might be able to rebuild that bridge. However, he might have a hard time getting playing time behind/instead of KJ.

Yeah that ain’t happenin’. LA bound for sure. Occasionally I’m wrong. :rofl:


He’s overrated to me.


over rated is probably true but he is immensely talented and confident in the right system, NFL loves him

It sounds like he is headed to Ole Miss or Arizona St.

Bielema? How old is this guy? Why would he follow the guy who benched him?

He committed to OU right before Bielema was fired.

If Rattler and his family reached out to Arkansas, I’m not aware of it. Usually a family member or coach will reach out to a school.

I’m not convinced that his coming here would be good for anyone involved.


With KJ solidifying his starting role, I wouldn’t bet on any QB’s in the portal taking a serious look at coming to Arkansas. In fact, I’m kind of expecting the opposite once the bowl game is over, one or two from Arkansas entering the portal looking to transfer somewhere in search of playing time.

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I would agree that makes sense, but sometimes 20-year-olds do things that don’t make sense.

Seems like a great fit at FAMU.

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