As expected, Otey gets USC offer

Will be visiting LA.

I would very much hope to keep him, but if he changes his mind, maybe we can add two more linebackers (also a position of need).

If I had to put money on one current commit flipping, I’d put it on Otey.

He may flip but hopefully he and his parents take a hard look at where his best chances of getting on the field early are at.
SEC vs PAC (Slack) 12 exposure.

That may be why he is looking at USC. We signed 3 DBs that I feel have a better chance of seeing playing time, if Malik plays corner.

May be wrong - have NO “insider” knowledge about this. But my feeling is that he’s simply being wooed by the “perfume and hiked skirt of a prettier girl (USC)”.

What we have going for us is that we’re a whole lot closer - in proximity and culture - to what he grew up with. And, we’re in the SEC West, which does have some cache; especially for someone who grew up in the heart of SEC country.

What USC has going for it - well - is that it’s USC . . . Hollywood, Heisman winners, the L.A. lifestyle (which holds great allure to many 18 year-olds), etc. But when he actually sees the place, he may feel like a fish out of water (growing up in Alabama does not prepare most for the culture shock of living in the L.A. area).

We’ll see what happens.

I’ve seen the USC campus. Extremely nice. But it’s a walled fortress inside the South Central LA ghetto, is basically how I’d describe it. Drive past it, you’d think it was a prison minus the guard towers. But its glamorous. Hollywood, the beach, the palm trees, the song girls in their tight sweaters…

SoCal should never have a bad football team or a bad team in any sport. So many athletes in that area. But their athletic administration is horrible. Mike Garrett got lucky with Pete Carroll, but they haven’t gotten a hire right since, including Andy Enfield after the Florida Gulf Coast run in the Dance a few years back. Lynn Swann (yes, that Lynn Swann) is the AD now but he if anything is worse than Garrett.

He can become a grad transfer in a few years. Go right down the road to UCLA & their Pom Pom girls.

Bingo, Swine nailed hit, 1 of the worst area’s of Ca

I hope he signs with us, but USC is a special place. It may not be as popular nationally as it was a few years ago, but it’s really nice.

I had a place in Calabasas… So Cal is another world. I loved it. But the reason they have dropped off is Swann has stopped a lot of the boosters being involved. Plus, the coaches aren’t what should be there. When Helton gets fired, look for them to break the bank for Chris Petersen or a NFL coach.

I’ve only driven by USC once but I was shocked at the neighborhood. Very rough as Jeff said. I’m an old man but I see nothing in Southern California that inspires me to go back. But at 18 I’m sure that would have been different.

It is probably not any safer than Cancun.
The beaches are better in Mexico. A lot of similarities
in goofy political climate. I’ll pass. I love San Francisco-
at least the physical side. I would prefer Rome or Florence.
LA and South Bend leave me with a profound feeling of
being unsafe. The only real plus LA has is the weather.
Well that and bikinis. There is that. :slight_smile: