As expected, JC catcher signed with NYY. What about the others who have a choice.....................

…to sign or come to play next year? I think Campbell could develop one more year and end up a much higher draft choice if he returned and was successful being our Friday night pitcher. Could Loseke or Reindl come back and do the same as weekend starters?

Campbell is in a win-win situation. He can get money now or he can get it next year because he has two seasons of eligibility remaining. Loseke and Reindl will be seniors next year and seniors have zero leverage in the draft. Devlin Granberg was the best hitter in the country this year and I read somewhere that he received $40,000 from the Red Sox in the sixth round. Carson Shaddy is probably going to get about $10,000 from the Nationals in the 10th round. Those are pre-tax figures.

For Loseke and Reindl, their decisions hinge on whether the money is important and they want to have one more year in college baseball.

How many years do these guys have to play minor league baseball to keep their full signing bonus? I ask because I know these guys get paid very little in yearly salary on top of their signing bonus. So if they have to play 4 or 5 years to keep the full say $100,000 signing bonus then you aren’t talking very much money. Let’s be honest, it is highly unlikely that Loseke and Reindl will even get close to sniffing the big leagues. They just don’t throw hard enough as right handed pitchers.

I’m of the impression you get to keep the signing bonus regardless of how many years you play.

Correct. The players get the bonus immediately when they sign and keep all of it no matter if they don’t play a single inning in the minor leagues.