As expected, Byers to JC

Maybe he’ll get to come back home and play for his home state after all. WPS!

While I do not join the chorus of those taking shots at BB on his decision not to offer, there still is the practical question should BB have taken the lead in “getting him placed?”

I suspect that Saban’s visit to Fayetteville recently was to ensure his placement so that Byers is available to Bama, if Byers gets his act together in JC. If it was worth Saban time to go to Fayetteville HS, why wasn’t it worth BB’s time to do the same?

A lot of the arguments (which I agreed with) made in favor of BB’s decisions regarding Byers go out the window when seeing what Alabama did with him. We could have followed the same path. There will be some who say BB knows Byers will never be eligible–ever. That may be right, but it begs the question why would Saban waste his time on this situation? This is the guy who doesn’t even allow his secretary to say “good morning” unless he speaks first out of fear he will be distracted from more important things. So why in the heck is he in Fayetteville spending time on Byers last week? Obiously his risk/reward calculation differs from BB’s.

Fortunately, BB is nothing if he is not a thinker. I’ll bet he gives this Byers situation some thought over the off season. He may decide Saban misread the situation. Or he may decide there are refinements Ark needs to make in its approach in the future. Who knows?

Ck Bama’s roster the last 2 years…they’ve had quite a few that they got from the JC ranks… “sign & place” is what’s going on now! EMCC has given OM a QB for the last 4 years (Bo Wallace & Chad Kelly) and both those were pretty salty qb’s, imo.

What does Saban’s secretary look like? Maybe its his wife that doesn’t allow her to speak first.

Sign and place is pretty much gone these days. It’s more of a “we’ll stay in touch” situation, where the kid gets a chance to make academic progress and the school keeps tabs on him. The school may point him to a JC, but they are not likely to let him sign an LOI knowing that he won’t make it. Sometimes the love is still there, sometimes not. I think a lot more of the guys who don’t make the grades end up going to a different school than the one they signed with out of high school.

The fun-with-numbers now is the gray/blue/green shirt stuff, which smacks a lot more of the way NFL teams manage their rosters. The NFL GM is going to have 53 plus practice squad/injured reserve, etc. The SEC football teams are shooting for 85, with walk-ons and all these “shirt” kids waiting in the wings, working out, maybe practicing.

Now we can put a rest to the drama and hand wringing about Byers. I would love to think he would give us a chance in a year or 2 but we also can’t offer him and scare off other DT recruits.