As bad as it has been how come I have hope again?

  1. Chad Morris is looking like a rebirth of JFB - a thinker innovator and leader who is getting players to play with blue collar passion instead of white collar dissonance

  2. Recuiting - 12 th level recuiting at this time - Srk is on schedule to hand s too 25 Finnish last time we saw that was the Hatfield era

  3. Discipline - Chad Mirrus is disciplined - when it’s bad he stays in character - makes me think of JFB - I would want to kill the SEC officials from the Bama game - Morris is wise in his deference to them - professional discipline

  4. did I mention recuiting?

  5. Let’s see if he closes the season like JFB did his first year ? Remember boys and girls in 1958 the SWC was in par with the SEzc today - JFB finnished Strong after a bad furst half start to his inaugural season - let’s see how Chaf amortization ends

  6. recuiting

  7. Discipline

It’s goibg to be ok

Sounds good to me. Let’s finish strong!

Improvement each game and a possible top 15 or better recruiting class leads me to believe we will be alright.

On board here.
I see the passion returning in the future JFB/CCM style.

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Get players. Get more players. Then, go get more players. It doesn’t change.

2 things really impress me about Coach Morris:

  1. The team is getting better as the season progresses
  2. The recruiting has been sensational. Coach Morris can make this program relevant again if he continues to recruit well.

Recruiting has been great so far and will get even better when he has success on the field to recruit with.

I agree, Bluegrass.

I have hope now too for first time in a while.

Feels like we have professionalized recruiting which we have all been hoping for over the years.

Got to have players and that’s been program Achilles heal in SEC years that have kept us from being a consistent power.

This year is tough transition and holes around the field, but like how hard the team is trying.

I have real hope with infusion of more SEC talent, we can bring this program back - and to new heights.