As bad as I hate to say, Tenn. has

built quite a football team in a couple of years. Never thought much of their Coach, but do now

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You are correct, but Clemson failed to cash in on lots of opportunities last night (at least in the first half. I didn’t watch the 2nd half).

This game “drove home to me” (in retrospect, I must have been slow on the “uptake”) that the bowl games frequently have little relation to the previous season now, due to the opt-outs and the transfer portal. I think that Tennessee would have won this game anyway (as would have Arkansas and others), but there is clearly a difference in the games given the players who are not playing.

In some ways , the bowl games are start for the next year now as we saw with our young players. It is also an audition of sorts for those wanting to enter the portal but trying to get more film before the playoffs are over for those teams portal entries.

It seems to me coaches are going to have to play more players to have a chance to keep them from going to the portal. It seems our two running backs did not hurt the team when Rocket was injured and playing them more would appear to help them if injuries happen like this time or to keep them happy to wait knowing they are still getting reps. Coaches are going to have to adapt their old ways.

I keep thinking of how the young receiver\db might never have been discovered to be a cornerback unless there was such a need to have bodies for practice. Turns out he should have been getting reps much sooner. Some players are game day players and others are what you get in practice. Play them more it they are capable of playing and not hurting the team. Helps depth, experience and morale as well as letting fans see the future or understand better the reality .

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