As a Freshmen, I thought

Randy Ramsey had the it factor. Jumping to 2016, I think Scoota has it. We have got to get these to on the field. I truly think it could be the future of Arkansas linebackers.

Harris has talent, but the kid’s head was spinning against Bama, and he was out of position on multiple plays. So he went back to the bench. He will get better and better with experience and coaching, after all he was mainly playing QB for his HS team this time last year. I think what was encouraging in the second half was that Eugene came in and played pretty well at LB, which will help until Greenlaw gets back. Going forward Harris and Greenlaw, plus the ones they redshirted this year all run pretty well and have some athleticism, so overall speed will improve in the second level of the defense. If Eugene steps up, that would be a plus, too .

I think Ramsey can be more of a factor in the second half, but right now he’s basically a speed pass rusher who can occasionally run down a runner from behind. He has trouble getting off blockers, whether it be TEs or OTs, which makes it tough to leave him at DE for long stretches. It would be very difficult to play him at OLB since there’s never been any indication that he has any coverage skills. If he can build his skill set up a bit and show more versatility, he can get more snaps at either position. In the meantime the coaches have to find situations where they can use the good things he does right now. I do wonder if they let him play the edge with his hand off the ground a bit more if that might give him a boost. For all I know they’ve already tried that in practice.

How about playing Ramsey at his natural linebacker position and get him off of defensive end. He is under size. Also, while I’m at it why won’t we get Gragg and O’Grady ready and should’ve look left Jamario Bell on defense.

What am I missing? You’ve been begging for playmakers. Pretty much every time Ramsey has played he has had a sack or TFL.

Ramsey has not shown he’s a natural LB to date, it takes more than length and some speed. Maybe he could be a good LB with work, but so far he’s a pass rushing tweener.

We have plenty of WRs and a pass catching TE already, with Cantrell catching some balls occasionally now as well. What exactly would we be getting O’Grady and Gragg ready for if they could not break the two-deep in fall camp? TE is not one of our problems right now. I think maybe O’Grady can get back in the mix in the spring as a pass catching TE, but that’s not a given since he’s not much of a blocker.

Bell’s lack of production at DE has been discussed many times. Maybe a year off will help him find a spot either at DE or TE,(he’s down there on the sidelines wearing sweats and a jersey during the home games) but right now he is just a guy who looks good coming off the bus.

If you are not playing an attacking defense and are asking players to do a lot of thinking, you can’t stick new players in there. The starters need and get most of the practice reps. The backups are inherently unprepared. That’s the nature of this thing.