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we can think ahead. At 23-6 the question remains—
How many teams have won (since 2000) a NC with 6 or more losses?

I’m going to help everyone out and can stand to be corrected if needed. Answer is
UCOnn in 2004 33-6; Florida 2006 33-6; UConn 2011 32-9; UConn 2014 32-8; UNC 2017 33-7

Now the table is open for thoughts. I have some thoughts but will let anyone pitch in. Remember the Fans can think or wishful thinking…

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Villanova in 85 and North Carolina State in 83 both had 10 or more losses I believe……

Good info. That’s higher than I expected at 28% in just the last 18 years. With the expansion of the teams getting in, some teams are winning it all when they wouldn’t have even been in the tournament in earlier years.

Wow just looked a little further back. In the 80s, there were 6 of the 10 champions that had 7 to 11 losses, including 3 with double digit losses. Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that. Strange decade for college basketball.

Marquette had 7 whenever they won under AM. it was almost considered immoral at the time.

It’s wide open this yr. Bet there want be a perfect backer filled out this yr!! Lol

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