Article says we got outbid for Diaco … bob-diaco/

Oh well, I can imagine the furor if we paid him that much money anyway.

that much money isnt crazy. Thats 850k a year. Well within our range.
The story doesn’t pass the smell test.
More likely we didn’t offer immediately so he took the next one.

I think we offered him, but that offer was for co-DC. IMO, Paul was definitely going to have DC beside his name, but it might be co-DC. That might yet happen if CBB finds the right coach to install the 3-4 defense. I’d guess we didn’t offer Diaco $850k but the main reason he went to Nebraska was the elimination of the “co”.

We were paying CRS around $850k. I highly doubt we were outbid.

I also highly doubt that Arkansas was out-bid.

I noticed the reporter did not have any numbers from Arkansas.

And people keep trying to blame this on the co-coordiantor thing.

There has been nothing solid to validate that was the case.

Given the fact we are last, or close to last in the SEC West in terms of what we pay assistants, and pretty far down in the SEC overall, it would be pretty unfortunate if this coordinator was lost because of money. Again, if true, this makes me further question whether Long and company are truly committed to winning football at Arkansas. Other questions already abound, of course.

Long will choose $$ over winning every time

I thought I read where BB said this coach came by and just talked about 3-4 defense. Never said anything about offering him a job because he had already decided to get PR. Who knows right? Lol

I saw that too. Thought it was a story on here. Insiders, any insight?

In his presser on Saturday, CBB said Diaco talked to them about the 3-4. Never said anything about an offer to be the coordinator, co-coordinator or anything else.

Why would CBB admit to offering Diaco the job only to be turned down?

Why do you make up crap like that?

I guess people could ask Diaco if he was offered the job, correct?

I think his contract comes out to 850 a year. That’s what Robb was to make this year. Don’t think money was an issue.

That’s what I read also, then another article read how Nebraska stopped the plane in mid air while Diaco was on his way to somewhere else forced an interview upon on him and said he wasn’t leaving Lincoln without accepting the job there.
Made it sound like Diaco could have asked for keys to the School, City, State.

Yes, someone could ask but that doesn’t mean they would get a straight answer. I just don’t think any of the parties involved have any incentive to state that an offer was made here and was turned down. They have moved on.

If Diaco had wanted the Arkansas DC job, I think the money would have been what he wanted. I do not think it was money. I think he ran from the SEC West. He is not going to tell anyone that, but that’s what he did.