Article on various leagues reaction to COVID-19

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Sports don’t know how to quit. They are seldom put in position to have to consider the possibility. When in doubt, they grind. And that’s fine if, on a competency scale from Rob Manfred to Adam Silver, they are closer to the Silver end of the spectrum.

On Opening Day, baseball’s return is nothing short of a miracle

Manfred, the Major League Baseball commissioner, implemented an ill-thought rough draft and prayed it would hold up for a truncated 60-game season. Oops. Baseball, continuing to have its teams travel throughout a country full of mercurial pandemic responses, is struggling to contain the virus. And while outbreaks and complications were easy to predict, the MLB “plan” is so thin that Manfred is forced to make radical amendments on the fly, which only makes the thought of getting through the season seem more dire.

Silver, the NBA commissioner, has a more forward-thinking plan. For now, Florida bubbles in the NBA, WNBA and soccer associations are working. The NBA’s daily testing procedures seem ideal, and its safety protocols are thorough and strict enough to inspire trust. Other leagues had the benefit of time and wasted it. Silver had to shut down the NBA in March after Rudy Gobert became the first player in a U.S.-based sports league to test positive for the coronavirus.

I’m no fan of Manfred, but a lack of a MLB bubble is squarely on the shoulders of Tony Clark and the Union

I was really doubtful of MLB from the onset. So far the NBA plan is working.
Next up the NFL.

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