Article from Saturday Down South on Chad Morris

Not a good article for Arkansas PR that’s for sure. Can’t say I disagree with much of it, but I didn’t put too much stock in the part about family still in Texas. You have to let your son finish his HS where he is, its just not right to uproot him. That’s my opine and I’m stickin with it.

The rest… well… decide for yourself.

Actually, this is bad PR for SDS. This was a poorly written article full of contradictions and misnomers. The writer consistently makes a claim but then adds disclaimers that contradict his original statement.

Couple this with USA Today article stating he is squarely on the hot seat and the PR is not good at all.

Of course it’s all beautiful PR when compared to the PR generated from losing to San Jose State, and losing commits on a weekly basis, etc.

If Morris were to stay these types of stories combined with him being squarely on the hot seat headed in to 2020 will make recruiting for the 2021 class very, very difficult.

I’ll at least give him credit for not writting off of someone else’s work like most of the SDS stories.

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So true, RD, so true.

He does have some legit points in there, but also some opinions that are based in reality.

More good publicity for the program from Joel Klatt!

Comes with the territory. I never get too hyped about the pub during the good times or bad.

Curious what the more legit points might be.

Seems a little like an easy hatchet job to me.

I agree with earlier post that hitting him for letting son finish high school there seems harsh.

Is he not recruiting TX? I thought many were pretty happy w his recruiting early on.

Line development may be legit but does he really not have any linemen signed in this class?

Definitely truth in my mind that he did not put team in position to win gimme games.

My point has always been if no high school in NWA is good enough for Chandler and there are plenty of good ones, then Chad needed to stay at SMU! Most of us wish that he had!

I think you’re reading too much into that.

I have a son and changed my career and had to move ahead of my family for almost a year to get settled and make it easier for everyone involved. Chandler had two years left of high school with his friends and playing for one of the top schools in Texas. It’s perfectly understandable to me to let my child stay where he is about to finish his high school career and then move here. I don’t see the issue anyone has with this other than just nit picking and your last sentence confirms that belief.


If he didn’t have the mentality of family first in his life then I wouldn’t want him to be our coach for that reason alone !! I’m 100% behind you on this one General, if he doesn’t look out for his son what makes a parent of a player think he will look after their son. WPS

We are in ESPN’s Ten Worst Teams in the country and instead of “Arkansas” we are referred to as “Arn’t-Kansas”… that will leave a mental scar.

yes, we ARwhatKansas used to be. haha

As I have said from the start, I would have let my son Brooks stay at Highland Park and play with the teammates and friends if I could afford it, which I could if I was an SEC head football coach.

It’s also simply a higher caliber of football than he could get here

3 and 5 in my opinion.

Sometimes they don’t study the facts. For his blurb on the O-line, I would say that both Ricky Stromberg and Myron Cunningham are starters on the 2019 offensive line and they were both in the latest recruiting class. Stromberg has started every game since the opener. Cunningham has started six of eight. Both will start this week.

But that’s the point isn’t it? Our best offensive lineman is a true freshmen that was offered almost at the last minute. What about all those other “stud” linemen we signed? Redshirting.

I think they beat Oklahoma and others for Cunningham. I would not under rate him. He was sought by many. I think Limmer and Latham will start for four years. I would not be surprised to see them some in the next four weeks.

Tell me which one of the signees played center in high school? He said a couple right? None did. I do not believe anything he wrote on that O-line class based on his miss on the facts.

University of Iowa’s present head coach Kirk Ferntz who has had reasonable success in the Big 10 was 4-19 his first two years at Iowa. Hayden Fry let the program decline in the last few years of his tenure at Iowa. His recruiting was terrible. CCM has been left much the same situation in a much tougher conference. There is no quick fix to the Arkansas program.