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It’s crazy how much money is thrown around in this win at all costs environment.

I’m not surprised at anything anymore.

But I did visit a Auburn board before their last two losses and there was zero love for Gus.

Those that would pay out millions can afford it I suppose.

Auburn has got to be the most stupidly administered AD in the country. Yeah, I know how much we paid CBB, but Auburn seems to do this over & over.

I think it has a lot to do with a lot of Auburn fans think they are as good as Alabama.

The difference being that Auburn has enough fan and booster support it can do it as much as it wants.

Even Hugh Freeze’s name being thrown in the mix as well. His cheating ways seem to fit if the SEC allows it.

I’m not going for it…I’m reading the buyout for firing GM now would be a cool 32 million.

Auburn has a 7- 5 record. Gus gets a million for every win this year. Maybe they should have paid him 12 million a year. Sad to say but Arkansas was willing to give gus the same contract as Auburn. These coaches can lose games and still win in the long run. I don’t get it.

Gus has won 2 SEC Western Division titles and one SEC Championship and played for the National Championship in his time at Auburn. I believe he has been there 6 years. He has beaten Alabama 2 times in 6 years. Last year he beat both Alabama and Georgia, and each of those teams played for the National Championship.The guy can coach. Auburn could do a lot worse than Gus Malzahn. Auburn and Gus have done well considering they are in the same state as Alabama and Nick Saban.

I used to be a Gus fan, but he burned the bridge last year when he used us to get a raise, but he still is a very good coach and recruiter. He is very intense and involved…when you watch a game with Auburn…the guy is passionate about what he does.

Gus’s SEC Record is worse than that of Pat Dye, Terry Bowden, and Tommy Tuberville. Look it up.

Auburn fans are used to having better than Gus.

Tommy Tuberville was a very good coach. I agree with that. Wish we would have hired him when we hired Nutt, but we didn’t. Gus is still a very good coach. Who else in the SEC could have done what Gus did during his tenure in the brutal Western Division? Going up against Nick Saban…I think Gus has done very well. He did well enough to secure himself a 7 year/$49 million contract. He has done pretty well for himself.

I’ve been a Malzahn fan since high school. It would not surprise me to see Auburn pay him off and replace him. My take on this year is that Malzahn has relinquished his control of the offense…and it shows. I find Auburn’s current offensive coordinator, Chip Lindsey to be mediocre. The offense is totally predicable and boring. The problem with the offense affects the defense. If I were in Malzahn’s shoes, I wouldn’t give a rip if they paid me my money and left the option open to coach again (probably not in the SEC).

If Auburn fires Gus without cause & obviously that would be the case, he can coach wherever he wants or whoever wants him - SEC or otherwise.