Article about Coach B and this year...

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This article is too neutral and full of common sense for the negative crowd dominating the message boards lately. The negative posters will say this article is toooooo positive.

I honestly don’t care about this article or articles that suggest Bielema is on the hot seat.

None of it matters. What matters is whether or not he can put a team on the field that can beat TCU and win more than they lose in SEC play.

Thankfully talking season is almost over. Hopefully the people extolling Bret’s virtues will be proven right over the next three months. We shall see.

Thankfully talking season is almost over. You are spot on with that sentence JR, the facts will be showing up in the stat sheet soon and there won’t be any doubt about how good or bad this team is this season. Enjoyed your post ! WPS

It is all talk and conjecture. It is worse than usual this year with the earlier start of camp. This will be our last week of the 2 weeks with no school/distractions so this progress is critical. I am focused on the progress that shows up NEXT week after these 2 weeks of intense practice.

The article says Colton Jackson is turning heads at right tackle. Did the author do enough digging to know Colton’s position is left tackle? It wouldn’t take much so I’m thinking just about any casual observer could have written as good an article.