Article about Arkansas from The Fort-Worth Star Telegram

Article titled → “Arkansas’ Sam Pittman adds Jimbo Fisher to Texas’ coaches he’s out coached”

Read this line and had to laugh… just damn funny!!
Arkansas is 4-0 with wins over Rice, UT and A&M by the combined score of 90-48. Thank God the Hogs aren’t playing the Cowboys.

Here is the whole article:


Hope they show this to the team. Because “can’t even beat Arkansas”, like we are the sisters of the poor, or like Vanderbilt, take your pick, is going to piss them off and give them even more motivation.


That’s hilarious!!

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I agree… the tone of the article was a slap to the face of Arkansas no doubt. Still I found it funny because well it also puts Texas and TAM down.

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Basically it shames them for allowing Arkansas to beat them.

That’s all we hear

Is how shameful it is to lose to us

Nothing to acknowledge we could be pretty good

That what Sam was essentially saying in the PC yesterday

This is the quote that got me,

Arkansas does not have a top quarterback and its 4-0.

Just let everyone keep thinking KJ is not a top QB, and we can just keep on winning.

I don’t expect to beat Georgia or Alabama, but everyone else on our schedule better bring a lunch pail…


Another writer who can only think in one-sentence paragraphs.

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