AR's Road Struggles: Response

I was surprised to see an old post pop up with the comment relating to road win/loss. The only way to know the facts was to look up the facts. Source: AR Media Guide. I looked up “Away” and “Neutral” site plays from the 1st year of coach Mike Anderson, Here are the numbers, A (Away), N (Neutral). 2011-12: A 1-9, N 02. 2013-14: A 3-7, N 2-3. 2014-15: A 7-5, N 4-2. 2015-16: A 3-8, N 0-4. 2016-17: A 6-5, N 5-2. 2017-18: 3-6, N 3-1 (one more road game to go). Away, adds to 40 games & 23 wins, that is 36.5 %. Neutral, adds to 28 & 14 wins, 50%.
How that compares with national stats, I don’t know. The figures aren’t as bad as the media have us believe.

I haven’t looked, but 38% was posted on the other thread as Away over the last few years (or maybe year). Lot of games, I’m assuming more than a year. I know I looked up Fl and KY. We were better than FL, but we ain’t close to KY, but KY does have a 38-1 year in there.

Edit: Since Mike became our coach vs KY, last four years vs FL.

For us, the road win/loss relevance should be that of the last 7 years under CMA. That is what I looked up in AR Media guide. the numbers were better than I thought.

No matter where the facts remain the talking heads and pundits have respect and most of the time don’t know the facts themselves! It’s the lack of respect they have for the Razorbacks and Mike Anderson because he doesn’t play their media games!
What you see is what you get with Mike Anderson. I like that he don’t deal with AAU players handlers and make deals. He has what the normal blue blood coaches don’t have “integrity”!
Look at it this way Kentucky had lost several games came to the hill and won then went home and won and they jumped about 3 seed lines compare than same time period to the hogs and we have had very little movement. That’s the difference between a blue blood and just another team. Same thing for the way games are called. The NCAA doesn’t look at Greaseball and his recruiting but look at how quick they jumped on Will Wade.

Greaseball is no more than a NBA G League Coach that works at Kentucky.

I am happy that we are clean. Nothing would have made me more disturbed if our name was out there with the cheaters. We will gain that respect as we improve our program. With all that AR talent coming the next couple years, I think we are on our way. As I see it, we are doing a lot more with our limited talent at this time. Future looks bright.