Arrived in North Carolina last night

It’s been raining since I got here. Supposed to stop this afternoon but there is a chance of some slick conditions for the soccer match in Cary tomorrow afternoon. High today in the mid-40s; may peak in the mid-50s tomorrow with some sunshine. If the field’s not too sloppy it shouldn’t be a bad day for the ladies to go for that Sweet 16 berth.

There is a 10,000 seat stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park, but that’s not where the Hogs and Hokies are playing. There is a secondary field next door with much smaller capacity and that’s the actual site.

Hope it’s a good trip all the way around.

Good luck on your trip!

I’m hoping you can help bring home a win

Bright and sunny this morning. Still in the 30s but should warm up into the low 50s.

field looks good, we look slower than usual. A lot of midfield non-threats mostly by us. VT much better than UALR to state the obvious. VT does not look like they are much of an offensive threat.

Tech’s only averaging a goal a game. They’d love to nick a goal somehow and defend a 1-0 lead. Tech’s GK is going to be looking into the setting sun in the second half and it will be interesting to see if that causes any problems.

Congratulations, Jeff.