Arrested: Damarea Crockett

Admittedly I’m from another era, but I cannot understand youngsters taking this kind of risk to a budding career. … ossession/

Pun intended?

Maybe this is why Coach B stopped recruiting him.

No. Let the facts come out before convicting the kid. If the police report is correct, then he learned a life lesson and I highly doubt he does it again.

If it wasn’t his, he also will learn to distance himself from people that don’t share his same goals.

If it was his weed, this will be a minor setback in the big picture as long as it’s not repeated.

Setting aside the fact he had pot on his person(there were other people in the car and none of them got busted for possession) the Mizzou staff has to be unhappy that the arrest happened at 4:15 in the morning after the team flew back in from Knoxville, with a short week to get ready to play. Crockett carried 24 times against UT, so he of all people needed to be somewhere getting some rest, rather than screwing around with his buddies at that time of night/morning.

It’s not to say he’s a bad kid at all, but he picked a really bad time to pull that kind of stunt. Mizzou’s coach has no pressure on him to win this game (this is his first year and they can’t get to a bowl), so this is a good spot for Odom to make a point and suspend Crockett for a game, even though the criminal matter is pretty minor.

I’m not convicting him of anything. I did learn as a teenager that nothing good happens after midnight and you shouldn’t be in a car full of people smoking pot.

That strikes me as judgement issues. And those are thing that Coach Bret “Uncommon” Bielema has explained are a reason for pulling a scholarship offer.

So, I dont think I went out on a limb by stating that it is a possibility that something came to light that caused Coach B to back off.

I’ve talked to numerous people during the DC’s recruiting process and even recently. I never heard anyone say anything negative about his character. A questionable word never came up. Could I have missed out on any negativity? Sure, but I talked to people that had direct knowledge of DC’s recruitment.

That’s good to hear. Just a kid being a kid then.

I have a hard time getting upset about a college kid smoking dope. Heck, it’s now legal in about 5 states. He shouldn’t have done it, but college kids shouldn’t drink beer, either. (My mother doesn’t read this board so I’m gonna confess I did such things when I was in college. Know a lot of others who did, too.) However, since it’s illegal in Missouri & since I’m highly partisan about the game Friday, I hope the MU coach suspends him for one game for breaking team rules or something.

From a coaches standpoint, I believe the timing of the act will be more bothersome than the act itself. “Celebrating” at 4:00AM Sun. morning immediately following a 24 point team loss provides the “teaching moment”. If he’s suspended, the coach will point out how his actions and the suspension let his team down for the final game of the season. That’s what Demarea will carry with him and what will prevent it from happening again the next 3 seasons.

You got your wish. Odom suspends kids for at least one game for any arrest in season.
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Well good. I’m not like all the fans who say, “I want to beat them at their best.” I just want to win & will take any legal advantage it takes. 8-4 is just a whole lot better than 7-5. MU’s offense has racked up a lot of yards to have as bad a record as they have. Our D hasn’t done well for a while. Crockett was a large part of the MU offense against Tenn.

Agreed. I’m driving up there with my son again Friday and I don’t want to be driving back after an L like we did two years ago. Ish Witter is a decent back as well but Crockett had become Da Man.

Just noticed something interesting in the MU stats. They’re averaging 52K attendance in a 71,000 seat stadium, which might help explain why I was able to get 50-yard-line seats for Friday.

He was driving around with Doral Green-Beckam talking about their mothers…

I graduated with Damarea’s father, Dexter Crockett. Dexter still lives in Magnolia. Damarea’s aunt works with me. She is proud of her nephew for always staying the correct course. Damarea, by all accounts, is a good kid.

I’m not condoning what’s happened, but by no means do I think he is a pot head nor do I think that is why Bielema didn’t sign him.

Damarea Crockett was a joy to be around during his last two years of high school.

Sent a lot of personal texts outside of football, including one after my mother and brother died in the press conference last December.

He was - and likely still is - a yes sir/no sir kid.

I intend to reach out to him later this week and tell him to keep his head up, congratulate him on his season.

I made mistakes at 18, heck I made a big 49.

Some of the best players ever here easily could have been picked up for the same thing.

That 4:17 a.m. thing is likely what got him.

Also - that is definitely not something that kept Arkansas from recruiting him. They liked T.J. Hammonds’ versatility better and obviously ended up landing Whaley and were in on a couple of the best ones late

So I will wish him well and hope he goes on to have a great career at Missouri and hopefully plays on Sunday.

Poor judgement yes, but what he did is legal in several states now. A break for our defense. I was not looking forward to playing against him.

This is bigger than football. This is about a young man’s life. As the saying goes, don’t pray for justice, pray for mercy.

Hope the young man learns a great life lesson and lives well hereafter.

Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Three other states will soon join them after recently passing measures permitting use of medical marijuana.

Seven states and the District of Columbia have adopted more expansive laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Most recently, California, Massachusetts and Nevada all passed measures in November legalizing recreational marijuana.

It is certainly a personal choice. And probably with a lot of people, like you, it’s not a big deal. But whether it’s legal in various states is not the issue that he should be concerned with if he has aspirations of playing in the NFL. These kinds of things matter in the League and they will certainly know that Damarea now has one mark against him. So, for me it remains a really foolish thing he’s done.