Leading Hawaii last I heard. Hawaii beats CSU. Makes one gulp. How good or bad are we? Scary to think about if you compare scores which I know you shouldn’t.

Yeah comparatives have us wose than Hawaii Army and head to head with CSU. Which we are not, how much does a 6AM basically kickoff for Hawaii impact them in the game?

Last week convinced me that we simply are not very good and probably won’t be until 2020 at the earliest. That doesn’t mean we can’t win a few games we shouldn’t, but there are very few games on our schedule that we actually should win based on available talent.

Assuming that the eventual national champion doesn’t go 15-0, there will be some way to compare scores and show that Kansas (or Colorado State) is “better” than the NC. If CSU, it might be easy – beat us (or Florida today), who beat X, who beat Alabama.