Army you'll be glad to know

That North Carolina lost again today and is now 10-17, dead last in the ACC. They’d have to run the table from here through the ACC tournament just to get above .500.

If they go 17-17 they will be a #1 seed :grinning:

LOL. 17-17 would put them in the ACC semifinal. Which they would have to win. Then win the final.

I could care less if North Carolina ever wins another game in any sport! But if there’s a way for the committee to get them in they will sure do so!

Poor Roy Boy

I can think of about 4 other blue bloods I would love to see take the same path.

UNC was 93rd in NET this morning. Tomorrow they may be outside the top 100.

They are #131 in RPI tonight.

I hope they end up in the 200 range in both.

Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona and Duke

At least he’s doing it with a bunch of McDonald All American’s! Man isn’t old Roy Boy a great Hall of Famer!

I look for unc or others come calling for Muss. How wrong am I?

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