Army-Navy uniforms

Army is honoring the First Armored Division.

Navy, which has produced no less than 54 astronauts, is going with an astronaut theme.


Here are the Tweets from each school.

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the only football game played where both teams are willing to lay down their lives for the country.saw that quote a few years ago and it has always struck me as the truth…it doesn’t matter their record or where the game is played…to me its the best rivalry in college football…i tend to lean towards Navy with my mom,uncle and now granddaughter and her fiance being in the Marines…even thro Dad survive Omaha Beach on D Day…

Daddy was a Marine, Go Navy, Beat Army!


Should be noted that Air Force beat both Army and Navy this year and won the Commander in Chief Trophy. And the flyboys are also willing to lay down their lives. AFA also has an Arkansas kid, QB Cannon Turner from Arkadelphia. I don’t see any Arkansans on the roster of Army or Navy, although I think Navy’s kicker a few years ago was from Bentonville.

My dad had an appointment to AFA, where he would have played for the Falcons, but failed the admission physical (vision; he would have gotten in today). Instead he became a Hog. And a cousin also attended AFA for three years before he somehow got himself kicked out; I don’t recall the details but it was something that happened off campus.

Sorry Marty, dad was a Army vet from WWII. Go Army.

One of my favorite games of the year.

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didnt mean to imply tyhat the Air Force was not in the same vein…but their games with Army/Navy dont get the publicity that this game has…and the Air Force and Space Force are descended from the old Army Air Corps after WWII

Also true. My Grandpa was an AAC glider instructor during the war. Fortunately he was never sent to Europe; the survival rate for glider pilots over there was about 5%. Instead he was an instructor at the old airfield in Stuttgart.

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