Army at Arkansas

It’s 70 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

Army has a great program
. perennial regional team , will probably be the best midweek team we play
They are struggling some this year so we will see what they have

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You hang it you won’t get back a lot of them


Stinking double play kills another rally we’re getting good at that

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You keep trying to pull pitches on the outside corner that’s what you’re going to keep doing grouding into routine double plays

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Okay guys this is not Greg Maddox out there… he is not thrown one pitch on the inside corner that I can remember… go up there and Hammer the ball the other way let’s get some runs

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These boys from the Point are tough. I need to head to the grocery store for old people’s day and leave it to you all to stir some runs. We don’t want another lost similar to yesterday.

This guy is mowing us down like Greg Maddux he may be his son LOL…

Giving up DP’s & giving up 2-run HR’s will get you down 3-0 pretty quick. I still think we’re likely to come back, but we better do it.

I’m not seeing much to suggest we come back

Look pretty clueless at the plate

Yeah when I saw this game on the schedule I knew we were in trouble throwing some midweek guy out there probably…

I had no idea they were going to throw a guy with a 2.16 era at us but down 4-0 does not look like a comebacks in order unless they bring somebody in who’s not very good.

We can’t hit this guy . Lord help us against the absolute studs that are going to be throwing at us in the SEC who throw 95+ and much nastier stuff then what we’re seeing out of this guy.

I’m less optimistic now that it’s 4-0 & we have 1 out in the 5th than I was an inning ago.

I think I picked a good night to have dinner with daughter and grands.


Yep indeed

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