I, for one, terribly dislike the “Battle Line Rivalry” moniker forced on this meeting because we were paid by a Columbia, Missouri based insurance company. At the beginning, some of us looked down our noses at this matchup and wouldn’t give any credence to the lowly Mizzou; we were upset about losing the annual LSU game. However, it appears that we are stuck with this matchup on this weekend for the foreseeable future. As such, I refuse to name the game with anything spewed from an enemy’s constituent.


Fight The Power!

Well, it’s actually Armageddon

(A not o)
But I get your drift

I’ll chime in for Battle of the Ozarks.

I hate the game because the SEC pushed it on us allowing the richer to get richer

No way this game is attractive to a top recuit at end of year

We should win walk off the field and leave the trophy in protest

In fact make the SEC take it home or make the loser take it

Yes as an anti movement make the looser take the trophy home in protest against the SEC

The winner can laugh that the other side has the SEC Faux rivial trophy