Armchair QB perspective Tennessee/ OM

The last thing I would do on the final play of the game, with my team trailing by 5, would be to run out of bounds. If nothing else, just chuck it towards the end zone and start praying your Hail Mary. I guess there’s a reason why that guy was the back up Quarterback.

Young guy in a big, unexpected moment. Young players do dumb things. Can’t be too hard on him.


Well I’m no Tennessee fan, so I didn’t lose any sleep over it. I just assume that a guy who is good enough to earn a scholarship to play at that level, would have more situational awareness.

He’s was 50 percent on his only two plays. He put the ball in a great spot for his best receiver. The guy just didn’t have enough in his legs to jump two inches, all it would have taken to catch that pass. On the last play, he wanted to throw until he realized he was past the line of scrimmage. Then he was in no man’s land. Three defenders. I guess he could have tried to run over all three. Once he crossed the line of scrimmage, the game was over and he figured that out. Is there a reason he lost the QB job? I think so.

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Tenn would not have needed that play if punt reception was not fumbled near ten yard line first half giving Ole Miss short field for td. Corral ran the ball 30 times which is not sustainable in this league—they need to get the four starters (2 receivers, best running back and off. guard) back if they want to continue winning (assuming the defense can hold up during the last 10 seconds of the remaining games like the last two weeks). They have used their open date before Bama.

Around Knoxville, he is known as “Overthrow Joe”. And there is a reason he left Michigan to come to UT this summer. He was the starter the first 2 games this year. Bowling Green and Pitt. UT was 1-1, but the QB change was due more to Milton’s injury than it was persistent overthrows.

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