Arlando Cook

WOW! He is getting it done.

I like him at the 4.

He’ll have to share time with Gafford next year.

Cook came up big with Moses and Dustin limited by fouls. 8 points, 4 rebs, 1 A, 1 Blk. Very productive.

Cook gave us a lift! With more playing time he will improve. Without him tonight it would have been tough. Nice to see all of our hogs so well. I would like to see Cook get a double double before this season is over.

Amen! Cook really did a good job tonight nice to see him play a few more minute and have a stat line that backs it up.
He will improve more as he plays more. Players only get better with playing time.

Great game by Cook today. Cook has had a first year like a lot of JUCO players do, which is basically you see flashes from time to time, but mostly inconsistencies. Barford and Macon have been outside the norm. I look for Cook to be much improved next year, you can see the talent is there.

Really need him down the stretch