Arlando Cook

Thought he deserved his own thread. Played very well today. He’s was on the court both times when we took 9 point leads. Solid defense, made good decisions, and made some huge free throws. Dustin Thomas better step his game up or watch out, because he’s completely disappeared in both games outside of BWA.

Haven’t seen enough of him to assess his skills, but I do like his intensity. He was clutch today at the foul line.

He played very well and I love the effort.

Thomas spent the day in foul trouble, finished with four fouls, three boards and no points on 0-2 shooting in 21 minutes. Hard to assess whether that represents lack of intensity or too much intensity, but we certainly need more production. That goes for all our bigs, really; we had a total of 16 points from Thomas, Trey, Moses and Cook. Not going to win that many games when 61 of your 77 points come from the backcourt.

Was about to post the same thing. Cook came up really big when he was really needed. He showed up in every stat category except TOs. Outstanding all around game in crunch time. I expect Cook to get better each game, as he continues to figure out his role on this team. Speaking of JUCOs, all 3 of the newcomers came up huge in this win.

Yea I don’t know what’s going on. He picked up 4 fouls and was limited to 12 minutes against Minnesota, he just seems like a different guy on the road. We’ve seen that before with past players. Hopefully Thomas gets it figured out, if both he and Cook can give us solid minutes at that 4 spot, we’ll be really tough team to deal with.

and DT looked worse than his stats by the eye test. just bad D and decision making all day. really didn’t bring anything positive to the game. Cook really took advantage of his opportunity today. i hope Trey gets more opportunities too. I really like his game as well.

This was my thought as well. I saw enough today to not like it. He seemed very passive. He passed up a shot and threw it to Moses with 1 second on the shot clock at the 3-point line, leading to a walk, badly missed a wide open 10 footer, didn’t rebound or defend and just generally looked timid.

He needs to come on or Cook and Bailey will get his minutes because they are at least showing a willingness to mix it up and really that’s what we need out of that spot.

Good thing seem to happen when Cook is on the floor. He is one of our best on-the-ball defenders. He makes timely hoops and gets steals. However, no reason to throw Thomas under the bus yet for one game. He’s been by far the better scorer, ball-handler, and defensive rebounder on the season. Really, they seem to bring complementary strengths to the position. The question is whether Thomas has a problem against size. Too early to say.