Arlando Cook suspended indefinitely...

per Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson.

He will not be allowed to participate in any team activities.

Anderson: “Senior forward Arlando Cook has been suspended indefinitely and will not be able to participate in any team activities. This is not a situation that will be taken lightly. This type of behavior is not condoned by our program.”

Thanks for update Dudley.

Looks like as of right now Cook is going to survive this without getting kicked off the team unless some new details come out. That’s good news for him, because it wouldn’t have surprised me if he got cut.

My best guess He’ll probably be permitted to practice with the team near the start of the season, they probably be suspended for the exhibition games and probably the first couple of regular season games.

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I’m all about the Razorbacks and always have been BUT…I’d definitely have to hear the entire situation(and even then I’m not so sure it would hold up) first because continually hitting an ALREADY UNCONSCIOUS person in the face CAN BE construed as attempted murder. NOT GOOD I’d say A.C. college career being over or not is the least of his problems right now.

Why is he still on team??? What is keep Coach A from complete dismissal from program?

My guess is that indefinitely means until his legal issues are dealt with and he can assure CMA that he is taking steps to deal with his alcohol issue. I would say the chances of him playing in any games for us this season are less than 50/50 at this point.

My guess would be the APR, plus it may give Coach A a way to control the young man’s actions.

Once again, the victim had no visible signs of injury and refused treatment. This report of him wailing on an unconscious man seems to be blown out of proportion of what actually happened. It certainly doesn’t seem to be anything close to attempted murder.

Suspended indefinitely usually means that he will not be kicked off the team. Beard and others were in that doghouse a couple of summers ago. Grayson at Duke was suspended indefinitely for, what, one game. New legal charges could possibly alter the calculus.

Response: coach A doesn’t throw his players under the bus just to appease a few hypocrites. It’s alway good for the other guy until it impacts you…Mike will use this opportunity to help this young man if he let’s him. I think there’s a problem here, meaning this the second time he has gotten arrested being out by himself, just to many things can go wrong in that scenario at the end of the day it boils down to your word / account against whomever,

Again I still believe he either finishes his collegiate career on the bench or transfers.

Their is just far to much local negative attention being paid. Not even worthy of a ESPN ticker because Hurricanes, College football & the NFL football control the national headlines.