Arlando Cook arrested for Public Intox...

on Friday night at 2:29 a.m. per Brandon Howard of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

He was found on Dickson Street unconscious in the driver’s seat of someone else’s car.

Cook was four cars away from where his car was parked.

The police report said that he has watery eyes, slurred speech and appeared to have vomited on his jacket.

The owner of the car that he was in declined to press charges because there was no damage.

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson had this to say.

“We are working to gather more information, but this is certainly not something that we condone in our program,” Anderson said.

Cook was in jail overnight and released Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. after posting a $200 bond.

Public Intox is a Class C misdemeanor in Arkansas and carries a possible maximum fine of $200 and up to 30 days in jail.

He has a preliminary hearing on Monday morning.

Arkansas begins practice on Monday as well and has media day scheduled for Wednesday.

Getting so drunk you pass out is not the right way to get in shape for college basketball. SMH.

Hate to hear that for Arlando, gotta make smarter decisions, have to realize the spotlight is on you as a high major basketball player. It’s not anything extremely serious, since I’m assuming he’s of legal drinking age, and he wasn’t operating the vehicle. My guess is he may get suspended for the exhibition games. Which actually could really hurt him since I’m sure playing time at the 4 spot is going to be really competitive with Thomas, Cook, Bailey, and Hazen all playing there. Probably going to give Bailey a good chance to earn that backup 4 spot behind Thomas.

Thank goodness he didn’t make it to his own car and actually start driving.

I remembered several years back the UofA made Playboys magazine’s as one of the top ten parties schools in the country. I. believe it was last year where the sororities on the Hill made the print by spending millions of dollars refurbishing and accessorizing their sororities houses, it jumped out to me as way over the top however it’s not my money…I hope this is a learning lesson for Cook to go out by himself is risky at best, live and learn

Vomiting on his own clothing and having everyone know about it is a pretty good punishment in itself. Add in some early morning cardiovascular work and a missed exhibbie or two and Arlando will be a properly chastized young student athlete. I’ve been there, but I always had the good sense to throw up on other people’s clothes.

If he was in a car (even if not his own) he is lucky not to get charged with DWI. Doesn’t matter if you have the keys or not, doesn’t matter if the car can even run (legally).

I had a client once who knew he was too drunk to drive, talked a woman he didn’t know into driving him home in his car (what was going to happen when they got there? We didn’t discuss that!). He passed out (in the passenger seat of the car, but in the front seat) a few blocks from the bar. It is our guess she didn’t want to mess with a passed out fool, pulled the car over in a parking lot, and walked back to the bar. In any event, he wakes up a few hours later with a cop knocking on the window. He gets out, is drunk. The keys are in the seat beside him. Charged with DWI. I researched the heck out of it, but (at least at the time, this was 25 years ago almost) it didn’t matter that he was in the passenger seat, that the car was not running, that the keys were not in the ignition. He was TECHNICALLY guilty of DWI. I get the point. You don’t want a drunk driver to pull over, take the keys out and sit there as the cops walk up and say “can’t get me.” But in this case, it sure didn’t seem fair to charge him!

Anyway, we couldn’t find the woman (he didn’t even recall much about what she looked like) to back up his story. I told him that even if the judge buys his story, he COULD be found guilty anyway but we had a SHOT if the judge believed him. The judge did believe him and found him not guilty of DWI (did find him guilty of public intox.)

I have a feeling it was more about your excellent courtroom lawyering skills.

LOL. Thanks. I was pretty young and stupid at the time though! Amazing to me that I actually tried a capital murder case about a year later. I guess I was too stupid to be scared!