Arkansas's best Dunkers

Just something fun to talk about while we wait for our chance to get revenge this saturday against Alabama at their house.

Now before I get roasted, I know many out there will scream foul because I will leave Super Sid off this list and he had one of Arkansas’ most famous dunks being a Sports Illustrated cover. But truth be told, that’s the only dunk by him I can really remember and that is more because it was a magazine cover.

On to the list:

#1 Michael Qualls
#2 Daniel Gafford
#3 Sonny Weems
#4 Ricky Council
#5 Derek Hood

Honorable Mention:
Brandon Dean
Darrel Hawkins
William Mills

I’d also like to have included Trevon Brazile on this list because earlier this year he had one of the nastiest dunks I’ve ever seen, but right now his body of work is too limited.

And a shout out to Guy Whitney for his one moment of dunking over Auburn’s Mamadou N’Diaye.

I’d also like to add a little tip of the hat to Alex DIllard. We had been teasing him in the pre-game that we knew he could shoot the rock, we just didn’t think he could actually dunk. Long story short, he got a break away steal at half court, took it to the hole and tossed it up to himself and dunked it. On the return to the defensive end he pointed over to us in the student section as if to say…“there ya go”. Fun moment.

BTW: this post was inspired after watching this YouTube Video:


Honestly I think Council is #1

In traffic, reverses, Tomahawks, many of them just explosive coming unexpectedly

Qualls and Gafford had some spectacular ones in open court. But Ricky just SUDDENLY emerges and flushes


Fair points, but I will say many of Qualls were driving through traffic and over people, not just open court. I’ll also add that Qualls had the 2nd most “famous” dunk in Arkansas history in my opinion. #1 would be Super Sids Dunk SI Cover, but only slightly less famous is Qualls dunking for the victory over Kentucky.

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Tony Brown


Very much so. Pre-Sports Center/YouTube, so they didn’t get the hype. I remember one in Austin against Texass that I wasn’t even sure what he did; I thought it was a rock-the-cradle, but someone else swore it was a 360.

US Reed also had a 360 in the Great Alaska Shootout one year.


Jeff, you took the words out of my mouth. My hometown Man U.S. Reeds 360 dunk was a thing of beauty.

I will never forget the put back slam Qualies had to end the Kentucky game and seal the win!

They are all #1 in my book. Kinda like which of your kids is the best. I will say that given when and how the dunks occur , the crowd and team reactions is the same each time. Truly a momentum play if there is one in basketball. Three point shooting gets alot of attention but not like a good rim bending dunk. More so if against Texas or Ky , and maybe Auburn in that group.

Gas got my attention on this subject. Did we win and how many dunks did we get?

Seems like I remember a couple big ones from Darryl Walker.

Eugene Nash

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Like the T-shirt said “Nash Smash - Dunking Machine”.

Darryl, Sidney and Alvin all had amazing dunks that were lightning like because all could fly 60 feet in a blink of an eye.

Corliss had some Thunder dunks.

Of course he broke glass as a youngster in Russellville. That is as famous as any on this list.


The Councilman’s dunk against Georgia was as good as any dunk I have ever seen. A perfect blend of superior athleticism, artistic beauty and sheer nastiness. That dunk was an eleven!

William Mills.

Brandon Dean down the baseline, maybe in the SEC tournament, not sure.

Can’t remember his name, but it was a Baptist preacher.

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As far as in-game dunks, Council, I think, has them all beat. It doesn’t make sense to me how he makes the difficult look casual on a fairly regular basis.


Andrew Hall, First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, many years ago. I’m sure that he had more than any of those mentioned so far.

I have to agree. The A&M dunk at Walton was so loud you would have thought there were 20k that night and it was only half full.


My #1 is Council too.

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