Arkansas womens BB

We’re playing S. Carolina close for most of the 1st, but fell back a little at the end.
Sure missed several shots at the rim. The 3 kept them close.
Started off the second with a three.
25/21 just over 7 min. in 2nd.
Girls are gonna have to make some 3’s and FINISH at the rim to have a chance to win.
All this height added this season and they still struggle with an inside game.

Yeah no inside defense or rebounding been a problem the last 2 or 3 years every time I’ve seen us…

Right, we getting out played right now.

The girls just aren’t in the same league as SC.
I know we are still shorthanded and it shows. The girls look little gassed.
Fixin to be a blowout I’m afraid.

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We have as many 5 star athletes as SC. Right now they haven’t jelled as a force to play against elite competition.

I’m impressed with this Langerman girl. She is tenacious!

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Agreed. I guess I should have said not in the same league at the moment.
However, they are showing some fight now. Have cut that 20 pt deficit down to 5, with just under 7 minutes in the game!!

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Also, isn’t our best inside player out with an injury and the other five star freshman center redshirting? I think they take their lumps this year and pound some teams next year. At least that is what I really hope happens.


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Well, they made a run and got close, (within 4), but making too many mistakes late and missed shots, SC has pushed the lead back up to 12. Just under a minute
Hogs lose 61/52. The girls fought hard and made a game of it. They did a really good job defending Boston in the second half.


The ladies had several chances to cut the 4 point lead SC had. It couldn’t make a shot or Committed a TO. The press SC employed caused some problems for the Hogs. I would like to see the Hogs play at full strength.

Army I agree. And for this year, “full strength” this season means getting Barnum back. For NEXT season it will mean a healthy Barnum, and healthier (and stronger) Wolfenbarger, and maybe above all, hello Maryum Dauda. We need someone like Dauda for post defense and defensive rebounding badly…though I will say I think Emrie Ellis is gonna be very productive with a year in the weight room.

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