Arkansas Womens Basketball

The women are tied for 3rd place in the SEC with 4 games remaining before the SEC tournament. They ranked in the top 25! A NCAA tournament bid is ahead of them.
They have offensive weapons and can flat out shoot the ball. They make their three throws and they are fun to watch.
There depth on the roster and recruiting has been looking good!
This is what our men’s team is headed for! Good days ahead.


Army, since you keep going off about missed FTs, thought I’d do a little research.

The women are making 75%, pretty good. But the men make 72.4% which is exactly what the Portis/Madden team made in 2015 (the Hannahs/Macon team in '17 shot 76%). We’re in the top third of D-I teams in free throw percentage (the women are 39th).

The difference between 75 and 72.4%? Less than one FT per game, unless you’re shooting more than 40 a game which we aren’t (averaging 23 FTAs).

You’re absolutely right about the women’s shooting. We’re sixth in the country in percentage from deep and 20th in overalll FG%.

As a side note you went off the other day about missed FTs against Moo U when we made 23 of 26 for the game. Hitting 88.4% is plenty good if you, for example, box out on the last shot.

Averages tell us one thing, trends might say something else. The first ten games of the season we were shooting 76.4% and the last ten games we shot 68.9% from the line.

Free throws are shot with the legs. The same general fatigue we’ve seen since Joe got hurt also applies at the line. Much of the FT decline belongs solely to #15, whose legs are carrying a bigger load than anyone else.

I hope the women’s team blows away teams this next 3 weeks, then in the SEC and then get to NCAA and say “up yours” to the pollsters who have not given the Razorback gals a fair ranking all year. I would be pleased to see us in the #15 - #20 ranking where I think we belong. Come on gals, smirk at those polling people… win out. Fingers crossed. GREAT season and kudos to the coaching staff too.

Women by definition should shoot better FG% and FT% than men. They play with a smaller ball but the same net. Much better clearance for women’s ball.

So men’s 72% is far more impressive than women’s 75%.

Look at box scores from the games and lately we have missed the front ends of 1 and 1 and several other in a lot of games. This team is playing on a prayer with no depth for the men!

The women have enough depth to keep resting they staters and there’s a few on the bench that do damage when they come into the game.

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I forgot about the smaller ball for the girls team! TU for the reminder. Good comment.

Women’s ball by rule is 28.5 to 29 inches in circumference. Men’s ball is 29.5-30 inches. But that’s circumference. Remember from high school math that the circumference of a circle is the diameter times pi (3.14159…). A 30-inch men’s ball is thus 9.54 inches across. A 28.5 inch women’s ball (maximum difference from the men) is 9.07 inches across. If the women are using a 29-inch ball and the men are using a 29.5-inch ball, the difference is only about an eighth of an inch, which isn’t much compared to the 18 inch diameter of the hoop.

It should be noted that the NBA rules are more precise and require exactly 29.5 inches of circumference. The WNBA specifies 28.5. International (FIBA) balls are measured in metric and are a little bigger than the NCAA or NBA rules allow. The difference between diameter of an NBA and WNBA ball is 0.32 inches, or about 5/16th of an inch.

I would say half an inch makes a difference. Men’s ball will have to be directed more towards the center of the basket than women’s ball. We are talking small percentage points of accuracy between men and women. I agree it is not huge. But it is there.


The way the men’s team has been shooting of late it could be half the size and not matter :slight_smile:

that’s what she said


:joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Didn’t see anything posted on Tuesday but the women are now back in the coaches’ poll this week at #25.

RPI is 39th today which would be equal to a 10 seed. It’ll dip a bit if we can’t beat EOE tonight.

It looks like the Hogs are on their way to a possible win over Tennessee they have a 10 point lead with a little over 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

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