Arkansas women this afternoon

I see the game is on ESPN3. I am assuming I can use my app to pick it up.


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Thanks! There is surely an article about this game somewhere but I cannot find it!!

…or watch it online, which is what I’ll do. Soccer on TV, hog hoops on computer, my girls cooking (and insisting I stay out of the kitchen).

I don’t have to fight anyone for the big screen, so that is where I will watch. Guess this is a tournament…wonder where?

Virgin Islands

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I hope the BB game Friday does not conflict time-wise with the football game…I’ll check again. I don’t think I can record stuff on my app…if it can be done I am clueless. And, I always have to watch the FB games live, so recording that is not an option.

I just found the article…I am old and slow :woozy_face: Looks like NO conflict

For those who don’t think the USVI has much basketball history, two words: Tim Duncan.

Everything that is on the ESPN app or ESPN+ can be viewed after the fact

Check the On Demand section


I have never noticed…does “On Demand” create charges?

They are very frustrating to watch. If they played even a semblance of defense they would be beating N. Arizona by 20 at halftime

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Well that is assuming you have access to the service

Sadly, I have NO idea whether I am a subscriber…I MAY be because I see options all the time to view “On Demand”. I have always ignored because I wasn’t sure it I would get charged an exorbitant fee to watch something. I know, I need to investigate further :roll_eyes:

If you can watch the games live, you can watch them on demand. Same deal. It’s essentially just letting ESPN serve as your DVR.

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I have a youtube TV subscription, that lets me log into the ESPN app, authenticate with ESPN using my google login (to prove I pay for a youtube TV subscription) and then I can watch anything on the ESPN app.

Now that said, I seldom watch through ESPN because the controls are better on youtube TV. i.e. pause and skip commercials etc. However from time to time, there is something on ESPN that isn’t on youtube TV and I have to skip over to the ESPN app to watch it. One of our early season games was that way.

Also available on Youtube is “Recording”. . . .I’ve set YoutubeTV to record all college basketball games so that if anything crazy happens in a game I can go back and watch, or if one of our opponents play previous to us I can pre-watch that skipping commercials before our game.