Arkansas women do not make NCAA Tennis Tournament … a-tournam/

Good, justice is served. That is what everyone in the Tennis world was hoping NCAA would do.

I’m glad they didn’t and I question our ADs judgement in allowing that fiasco to taint our program.

Arkansas has fired Michael Hegarty, the women’s tennis coach. More in a moment.

Men’s tennis lost in the first round of the SEC Tournament to Georgia and also finished with a losing record of 13-15. Andy Jackson has only been here four years to Hegarty’s 15. We’ll see if HY gives him a little more slack.

I just looked at the men’s tennis roster. Two Americans, one from Arkansas, one from Kansas City. The rest are foreign kids, mostly from Spain. Obviously we have a long tradition of foreign Hogs going back to John McDonnell’s Irish armada, but Tom Pucci was able to get good American players here including Chip Hooper, along with a few Aussies.

Then again, the women’s roster is five Americans and six furriners.