Arkansas-WKU updates

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Sloppy game. We are letting WKU dictate the pace of the game and not pushing the ball.

Something is wrong with Gafford. He’s not playing like himself today.

Flagrant 1 yes, but flagrant 2, no way. And I am. Homer hog fan.

FT’s are killing us and Gafford has the want the ball down low more…we should be up 12-13 pts.

Lucky to be up by 8 at the half. I do sense WKU is starting to get gassed. Keep the pressure on them and the bench needs to step it up.

Go Hogs!!!

We don’t have the same energy. Down by one

We are flat. We’re look like we’re in slow motion.

Agree. Watch him on O not moving around.

Totally lost our defensive intensity this 2nd half.

No energy whatsoever!

Refs are missing some obvious turnovers by WKU, but still no excuse for this.

It’s over.

Now we’re showing some fight.


Not yet

Bassey hooks on every touch he gets.

Agree but Dan needs to play tough like him and let it go. He’s not the ref.

Yep, he’s got to stop falling for his pump fake.

Around the throat. That was a foul!

We’ve got nobody to blame but ourselves.

We played with no energy for the first 30 minutes of the game and abandoned what was working when they were worn down.

Bassey owned Gafford. There’s no sugar coating it. Bailey was a disaster the whole game. Osuwhatever was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde like every game.

Bad loss. This is going to hurt our RPI really bad.

Gafford can’t flop like that… you got to go up and try to block it and if nothing else make the FR go to the line.