Arkansas will play the late game in Hoover

As the No. 4 seed, the Razorbacks will play Wednesday at around 8 p.m. There still are several possible teams who could be in the 5 vs. 12 game Tuesday, including Mississippi State, Auburn, South Carolina and Georgia.

Edit: I originally said Ole Miss could be the No. 12 seed. That’s wrong. It will either be South Carolina or Georgia.

Mississippi State would be the No. 5 seed with a win over LSU tonight OR an Auburn loss to Ole Miss.

Auburn would be the No. 5 seed with a win over Ole Miss AND a Mississippi State loss to LSU.

The loser of the South Carolina-Georgia game will be the No. 12 seed.

Right now looking like it will be MSU vs UGA.
Ironically we would be playing a team we swept either way.

MSU-LSU is in a rain delay. If they can’t get it played, MSU is the 5 seed.

Let’s win this thing. It’s time.

I think I’d rather face Auburn than MSU. I know MSU has slid a bit in the last few weeks, but I still think they’d provide tougher competition than the tigers. They gave us fits to take 2 of 3 from us, but I’d like a shot at getting a bit of revenge.