Arkansas will play Ole Miss at War Memorial in 2018 … rial-2018/

I think a lot of people had Vandy pegged for that WMS game. But I had been hearing that there was some concern about fan fatigue from possibly having 3 consecutive Fayetteville games in October for the first time (Bama, Tulsa, OM). So we’ll still have 3 October games in Fayetteville, but we’ll have a break the week of OM 10/13.

Their will be hella-Ole Miss fans in Little Rock for that one.

Interesting timing by the interim AD. Was it already designated to be a SEC game for 2018?

Per the contract, yes, it had to be an SEC game.


Would appreciate someone showing the 2018 schedule or directing me how to find it. Thanks… … -memorial/

Thanks Matt…

I’ve seen a number of Mississippi games in WMS. The first was won by the Rebels when referee Tommy Bell ruled a game-ending field goal good. I was just a youngster, but vividly remember a mini-riot breaking out on the field. They dimmed the stadium lights to try and calm things down.

As I recall the final score was 10-7 Mississippi.

There are a few referees whose names remain in one’s memory through the years: Tommy Bell, Preston Watts, Penn Wagers, the dude with all the consonants in his last name in Texas Stadium that ruled pass interference vs. SMU…

Was it Horton Nestra that called Pass Interference against Nathan Jones?

That sounds right, but I thought the spelling was different

Yep, but spelled Horton Nesrsta, Horton was an ace punt returner at Rice back in his day.

There will neve be a worse one than Preston Watts. Yeah, I remember Tommy Bell, too, even though I wasn’t at that game. Also Horton Nesstra (or whatever), because it was a terrible call. Penn Wagers was awful.

I”m happy to put them all in a Hall of Shame. But no one. No one is as bad as Preston Watts. He didn’t make a bad call. The S.O.B was crooked. He stole that game. I’m still bitter

Save a spot for Curles!!!

Yes. He needs to be inducted as well.

Equal to Preston Watts is Perry Costello.