Arkansas will play North Dakota State

The game is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 20, according to the Bison schedule. Here is more: … -schedule/

It’s a trap!

The Bison were consensus top-150 in the computer polls and return six of their eight players who averaged double-figure minutes. One of the departees was the eighth man. Hence, they are an experienced group. ND St. has a roster of mainly guards and wings, but they were the best defensive team in the Summit League last season while playing at a very slow pace. If some young players develop offensively, they could challenge to win their conference. They look similar to the Wofford team that we struggled against in the NCAAT.

Dec. 20 is a date when it is common for a favored team to throw out a stinker. This could be a close game or worse if our guys have one foot out the door for Christmas break.

It’s also the dreaded Verizon Arena game. As a central Arkansas resident, I always go to the one NLR game each year, but my goodness our record there is terrible.

This is not the NLR game. That will be two nights later.

If this is in Walton, and since Jan is an NDSU graduate, and since the game is on a Tuesday nite, do you think it would be difficult for us to get two tix to the game? (Driving 9 hrs one way, attend the game spending the one nite, then driving home is absolutely crazy!!) But she wants to come. Fayetteville is a lot closer to Tuscalooser than Fargo.

This will be one of the easiest tickets you’ll get all year because it is not a big name opponent and many will be gone for the holidays.

This. You can probably sit anywhere you want. Close enough to hear MA work the refs, for instance.

Heck Fred, you could fly to Tulsa and drive to NWA in a lot less time than 9 hours. Aren’t there any direct flights from Tuscalooser or Birmingham to Tulsa?

We are out of SW Rapid Rewards points at present, with our recent trip to Oregon and tripping to the TCU game.

Even so, I got a booking to Phoenix a few years ago for a very reasonable price. I just had to wait until about a month before the trip. I would think that would still be a better deal than driving that long (she said after a ten hour drive home from Nawlins yesterday. Of course I had dogs with me, which made flying impossible.)

The drive from that part of Alabama to Fayetteville is not a bad one. We made it from Birmingham to Fayetteville in less than 8 hours a few weeks back.