Arkansas-Western Kentucky game thread

Hogs with the ball to start.

Ok, enough of JSJ , time for KJ to play.

Lol, didn’t take long

HAHAHA! Not JSJ’s fault there.

That was on the tight end

Agree need to see KJ asap

Chavis playing off giving them what they’re good at

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Man, that looked easy

Chavis is pathetic


This is the worst defense I’ve ever seen. Worst team, worst just about everything. No, everything.

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WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY do we always have guys standing there doing nothing waiting on the offensive player to get to us. If we attacked the runner, we’d have got him easily behind the line.

Because they’ve quit

Go back and watch who it was, and think about the pm we had earlier this week about a certain group of players. Heck watch that 4th down pass and who called for the switch. Looks like those rumors have some merit.

Word is the WKU punter took the weekend off. Didnt even make the trip.

:joy: :joy: :joy:, I believe it

Exactly what I was thinking. Chavis might need to make a defensive change early.

Not the younger guys.

Offensive play calling and defensive scheme this year is as bad as I have ever seen on a Razorback team.

Why you ask?
Because we have a washed up DC and not enough talented dudes playing and several with talent are freshmen with growing pains, but forced to play because upperclassmen aren’t good enough to play.

Go Hogs!

Boyd to the house

There is a spark.

Maybe Boyd goes over 200 today