Arkansas' Week 9 depth chart vs. Auburn

Well the back end of the defense don’t look like changes are coming. Same players and doing the same old stuff that hasn’t worded yet!

Which guys who aren’t on the depth chart would you play in front of the ones listed? We can try different variations on the base five DB defense, but the depth chart represents just about all the DBs we’ve got that are healthy enough to play other than walk-ons and a couple of true frosh guys that physically are probably not ready to play an SEC game and have not played all year.


I would start Clark or Johnson over Blair at safety. At least on 3 down.

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If there were personnel changes decided upon during the off week, it is not going to be disclosed on the depth chart. You’ll find out during the game Saturday.

Remember that Malik Hornsby was the No. 2 QB on the depth chart for weeks until it was time to play the real backup against Alabama. The depth chart is interesting to discuss, but I take it with a grain of salt.

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Really the only noteworthy change made this week was Ketron Jackson was listed as a starter and Warren Thompson dropped to a 2. Jackson has started the last three games.

We’re 7 games into a 12 game season. We’re 1-3 in the SEC; arguably #11 or #12 in our conference. Last week we gave up 475 yards to a BYU team that couldn’t muster 300 yards versus Liberty on Saturday. The defense ain’t getting better, although maybe for this next game we’re a bit healthier. It’s all about our offense.

Why do I have to login to see the entire depth chart?

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