Arkansas vs. Vandy

Have to finish with tough D…

Charge!! Now Joe and Jones got 4

Unsung: Desi

Jimmy whiit needs to start showing up… Desi has been unreal!!

Whitt wanting a foul on his turnover. Move the darn ball!

Whitt has a quiet 8 points and 7 rebounds.

Bench Chaney. So stupid

Whitt has played solid defense too! His foul at the end of the first half was a bad one!
Chaney get a T! How dumb can you get!

Stupid Chaney!! Stop giving them points… sometimes I think his butter done slid off his bread

That block on Joe was his 5th foul but it sure looked like a charge.

These refs are pathetic

Jones fouls out! Wow!

Crap call of the year…

So pathetic…just unreal!!!there’s a reason the SEC calls more fouls than anybody else they don’t have a freaking clue

Wow…just wow…

HeeHee! These refs actually think people are there to watch them!!

And they are making that happen…

It was a charge on Vandy when Joe fouled out! Jones fouls out on the free throws on a call that was garbage!
CEM get a T! What else dumb is going to happen?

Yeah that’s all about them saying look at me I’m in control!!

It is hard to believe there’s not an agenda when you see officiating like this