Arkansas vs. Vandy

Just getting ready

JW hitting the boards !! WPS

Jones off to good start carrying the scoring load so far. WPS

Did they say that after tonight no fans at the SEC tournament?

We’re lucky Vandy is missing these wide open 3’s.

Jones is doing his thing.

Sills and Chaney creating a spark for the team.

We should be up by 20 points,Isaiah cant buy a basket, we’ve missed a couple of close in baskets and Vandy can’t throw it in the ocean but they’re still only down by 11 points.

Yes, no more fans after tonight.

We’ve got a little sloppy of late. WPS

There ya go Isaiah!!

He has a beautiful stroke, hope he gets hot. WPS

Gotta spread out more on rebounding the 3. We have guys standing right under the basket and not anticipating long rebounds.

Man hated that last second foul gave them an easy 2 pts…12 is ok but should be a lot more.

Well, if we can keep them off the line, Vandy wouldn’t have hardly any points.

Ethan much improved!

He’s getting beat off the dribble to start the half. Chaney was playing better but only got 2 minutes of play.

If we would atop fouling we would have a 20 point lead! Just stupid.

Ethan has made a big impact to this point. Chaney needs to work on his free throws.
Sills has been good tonight to help Jones and Joe!

We are getting sloppy.

Quit trying to make these highlight-reel passes and take care of the ball!

Harris is a joke! Try a high risk pass that isn’t open! He can throw a lead away pretty quick.