Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt

Playing well to start. Defense needs to pick it up a little and offense needs to move more, but overall starting well.

I like Jon Sundvold.

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I thought we started well, then started standing around on both ends, but have picked it up once again. We should win this game big. WPS

Good to see McBride in early for Vandy. He’s been nursing an ankle injury (and quarantines) the last couple of weeks.


Moody misses wide open 3 then gets a frustration foul on defense. Typical response that we see often. Williams is really playing well on both ends. WPS

Keep attacking the paint. Put them in foul trouble.

Jalen Tate denied by gravity.

We got bailed out by a bad foul call.

We’d be up by double digits if we could hit free throws.


Why did he take out Williams? Did I miss something he did wrong? WPS

This is a team that Vanover can have success against, so I say give Williams a little rest for the second half.

Thanks. WPS

Vandy is not good

Making turnovers is the way to lose to a bad team on the road

Nice half. Good movement, dropping dimes (14 assists), hitting threes, hitting 51% from the floor. Pippen Jr. is -14 in the first half, worst on their team.

Dude you are a broken record.

Good start to the game, but need to finish strong. We’ve missed opportunities on both sides.

Defensively, we need to stop over extending the defense. They’re not going to out run us so we don’t need to instantly double early. Take your time.

Offense. Get it to the open player. We’ve done really well most of the half, but we’ve missed some open players a few times.

Make FT’s. We missed I think 6-7 free throws in that half. We should easily be up by more than 10 right now.

We were 5-9 from the line. Need to get to the line more, but part of it is we’re finding open people around the basket that aren’t close enough to a defender to get fouled.

14 assists 5 rebounds 43% 3pointers

Not bad. Stay aggressive. I don’t see vandy making us uncomfortable. Beating them as we should. This is a game to get some work in. Let’s build some rhythm and momentum for the rest of league play.