Arkansas vs. UNC-Asheville thread

Got here around 6:30 tonight. Walked up to my seat and most of the guys on the team were getting up shots and whatnot. Nick Smith, in sweats and a hoodie, was seated where the opposing team typically sits. He’s not been involved in stretch or warmups.

Like I said…

yeah rumor is he may be out a while,shame we may never see him at full strength.just our luck.


hope it’s just precautionary and he’s ready to go for LSU next week

4 Days ago…

man what a bummer……

I don’t know. I heard may be out a few weeks but not sure how accurate that is,guess we will see

4 days ago

Read my posts…

We have got to figure a line up going forward without NS! Maybe what we had before he came back. IMO only. Hopefully I’m wrong…

This is just so Arkansas. Amazing really.

I just hope after the game the media presses for a clear answer on the future of Nick Smith at Arkansas. Fans are tired of this will he or won’t he play nonsense.

Hearing he will be back against LSU. Hope true

Hello darkness my old friend…


Everyone “hearing” something these days. It’s time to get a straight answer.

I will leave that up to you

No that’s the media’s job, not mine.

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Don’t disagree there.

Suggesting no one will ask about Nick postgame? That’s silly.

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Lots of talent on the bench, let’s rest him until he’s ready! I would rather have him ready the middle of February and able to finish the season, instead on/off and not have him in March. WPS

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Why does anyone think there’s anything evasive?
Honestly probably don’t really know.
He’s likely got tendinitis and that tends to recur and the only treatment is rest

An opportunity for one of our 4* Frosh to step up and grab some P.T.