Arkansas vs. unbalanced schedule

Hogs got swept by Alabama but split with the other 3 teams (A&M, Kentucky, and Missouri) that make up the top 4 in the SEC. Considering that Alabama is a top 5 team nationally and only lost 2 conference games it is hard to be too upset about being swept by them, especially when we had a chance to send the game at Bama to OT.

Anyway, no one should be happy that we finished 8-10 in the SEC and lost our last 3. But I think the above does provide a little context. I believe the win at Kentucky and the win over A&M will look good to the selection committee. And I doubt any other team in the SEC had to play all 4 of the top teams home and home.

Missouri is not top 4. Tennessee is.

Missouri is the 4 seed in the SEC tournament. Tennessee is the 5 seed.

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