Arkansas vs. UALR live blog link

If JRob is the only one on the roster who can hit threes with any regularity, he’ll get more minutes if he plays any D at all.

And Toney might score 40 at this rate.

decent first half 61% shooting 14 assists

hopefully get Umude going in 2nd half

He only played four minutes, hit the only shot he took.

ualr coming back hitting 3s

We are not a top ten team. Not even top twenty maybe.

well this game got interesting quick

if you can’t make 3s, you better stop the other team from hitting them

can’t do either

At this point in the game, Arkansas is being outplayed and out coached.

Three point Defense is Awful.

Can’t hit free throws now.

yeah, defensively we got issues

No energy. No sense of urgency.

Lykes just dribbles too much. Notae has lost his 3 shot. Devo questionable 3 to begin with. Kk and the a and m transfer can add offense but poor defensively

Absolutely unbelievable how we let these pathetic teams hang around with us this long…smh

Can’t do this Against Kentucky,Auburn, or Bama.

We’ll get beat by 20 + if we do it’ll be ugly

Team playing down to it’s competition. If we lose,we’ll earn it.

Muss’ teams tend to play better with the step up in competition

Past team’s yes. But this team hasn’t proven it again tough teams.

They’ve scored less than 60 points in three of their last four games against the likes of Sam Houston Tulsa and Colorado State they have 58 with 12 minutes left… unbelievable