Arkansas vs. Texas Tech

Wanna see the second half of the Mizzou game for a complete 40 minutes against Texas Tech. Texas Tech is a great defensive team but sub par offensively. Still, if we dig ourselves in a hole this game like we have since SEC play has started, I’m not sure we’ll be able to dig ourselves out.

This game will come down to the wire whether we start slow or not. Most of the time we seem to play up or down to the level of competition except for Tenn of course who dominated us.
Defense and rebounding important.

Add Ole Miss to a game we were dominated. Gafford will have to stay out of foul trouble that’s my opinion. Maybe we can get ball movement and player movement and get the ball humming off the pass. I don’t think knocking holes in the floor with the dribble will get it done.
Fast start is what I’m hoping for.
If the hogs can pull out a win their stick will rise some. It’s a shame we lost to WKY, Georgia Tech and Florida. Those were winnable games just like LSU!
There no room for error for this young hogs team.

Yea I thought of Ole Miss after typing also. I agree about ball & player movement. Only dribbling that will be effective is controlled penetration by Harris and Jones. I hope Isiah Joe is hot from the onset as well. It would help for us to be in upper range near 40% on 3 pt shots to pull their D out.

The only way to shoot 40% from 3 against the Tech defense is drive, draw in the defense and good crisp passes to the wing or corner. The top of the key probably won’t be used much.
The hogs need to convert on the gummies down low.