Arkansas vs. Texas Tech

Should be a good game and I’m sure stir up some drama with fans over the two coaches.

Yea, it will be interesting both teams are losing a whole lot. Arkansas has 8 new comers and Texas Tech has 6 new comers. Could be 7 for Tech as they still have 1 scholarship available to use.

Also, with us playing this game on the road, I highly doubt we’ll participate in any pre-season tournaments now.

So far we know…

Neutral - Texas
Neutral - NLR Game
Away - Colorado State
Away - Texas Tech

Staff typically only do 4-5 games away from Bud Walton in the non-conference. My guess is they may look for another home/home series with someone where we’ll be the away team first. But I highly doubt they’ll take a pre-season tournament that would give us 3 more games away from the Bud.

Preseason tournaments get us extra games. That’s why they are popular. That, and improving your schedule without having to play in the other team’s place.

They will find away around it to get to 13 games. Like they did in 2016-2017. Remember that year we only did 4 games away from Bud Walton. We were able to do the 13 games because we participated in the “Golden Gopher Classic” which basically was us playing Minnesota on the road and playing 2 of the same non-conference teams they did, and we played them at home. This staff has never scheduled more than 5 games away from Bud Walton in the non-conference. I don’t see them changing that especially when this will be the youngest roster they’ve ever had.

My guess is this Armed Forces Classic where we play against Texas will be considered a tournament and we’ll host 2 of the same non-conference opponents as Texas does.

I want to see this, I wanted to see this game in the NCAAT back in March Madness.

I can assure you they are still looking very hard for a three-game tournament.

Don’t use those games, you lose them.

If they do add the 3-Game tournament it would be the first time ever since CMA has been here that they played 7 of their 13 non-conference games away from BWA. CMA has never done more than 5 since he’s been here. Seems kinda odd that with his most inexperienced team he’s had he’d do that many games away from home.

Also, I hope this doesn’t come off like I’m trying to discredit the info you provided, I’m just skeptical that they would be willing to take a risk of that many off campus games with such a young squad, I actually hope they do get in a tournament I love watching 3 games in 3 days.