Arkansas vs. Texas Tech thread

Pat Adams is one of the zebras. We’ve seen plenty of him. And an and-1 right away.

Shoot the ball J Williams!

Williams needs to learn to let it fly from the lane for sure.

Two very good defensive teams

We need to hit our three pointers and get to the rim

Will have to play defense to get in transition to win this

Bad shots now and poor passing. They will settle down.

Have to find somebody who can score inside, they are killing us driving The ball

I am surprised at how well TTech is getting good shots. I knew they would be tough as hell on D. We need to D up. And we are gonna have to hit some 3’s. Got to…

I don’t have a good feeling.

I never have a good feeling…

Years of frustration I suppose.

Yep their shots much easier than ours

Basically playing 5 on 4 because J will not a threat

Surely they will cool off

Not playing great and only down 5 we’re in good shape. WPS

Absolutely mauling us on the glass

And shooting 3’s like Bama

We will be fine. I’m glad to see J Will get the start. Go Hogs!

The Hogs will settle down. It’s fine.

Lot of long rebounds,

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Beard teaches his smaller post players to slap ball out to shooters on missed shots. Tech very good at it.

Devo makes things happen…