Arkansas vs Texas Softball

Texas Beef

Already facing some pressure

Home plate umpire has a huge zone. Guessing we’ll see quite the pitcher’s duel.

For sure

Those balls are ending a good six inches off the plate

Well it’s going to be fun.

Can’t get this girl out

Check that
Out after 13 pitches

She hung tough at the plate for sure. Once the count is full you have to make them swing the bat.
So don’t go full get ahead and make ‘‘em chase.
That’s what got her too
Out of the zone.

I thought she would try to jam us and that’s what she’s trying to do hope that she will drift one out of cross the middle of the plate

Texas catcher is getting on my nerves…slaps her mitt every time right before the pitcher throws it…very annoying

Delce imitating our baseball pitchers
Hits the lead off hitter on 0-2 count

time to finally break thru and put a few runs on the board…lets go ladies!

This is one of those games where she’s trying to jam us you just have to keep swinging she’ll eventually make a mistake hopefully and we can hit it out
She’s a very good picture she faced Oklahoma two times and they got five total hits. She has given up 23 home runs on the season

Imagine that

Looked safe to me, but too blurry to see the foot clearly

Yeah I don’t think they could see very clear either that’s why they called her out

damn!thought we had a 3 run hr there!

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Delce deadly on the top half

Now let’s score a bunch

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Just throw relay away. She was safe at 2nd base.

pressure pitching and done perfectly

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This is tense

good hit and a run!