Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Defense is playing ok, but we’ve got to stop their dribble penetration

Offense needs to do more than jack up 3’s.

Texas AM shooting surprisingly well so far vs what we have heard about them.

Defense needs to crank it up a notch or two

All we can do is shoot 3’s why its s miracle we’re doing what we’re doing, we have nobody we can throw the ball into, Whitt hardly ever tries to score anymore, you basically just have to guard the three-point line to stop Mason Jones and Joe and we have have no consistent way to score. Our defense will have to carry us.

Nice ending to first half. 9 to 1 run.

Yes it was… need to start the second half the same way.

Sills was lucky to get that. That wasn’t the best shot, should’ve passed it to Jones down low.

A&M is shooting better than normal, but our defensive rebounding is starting to pick up.

Shooting 54% for Arkansas! Awesome!

Interesting that Musselman went with speed over height the last three and a half minutes. No big man on the floor and ran A&M around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Chaney want take a charge, geez!!

He took the hit, but he didn’t fall down.

He had about two turnovers and a charging call in about a minute, that guy has to become more reliable on offense he’s too big not to be able to do anything on offense.

Cylla finally got in a game after a long drought. Got his hand on a rebound which saved that last possession. Be interesting to see if he gets any time in 2nd half.

He jump though, should’ve kept feet on the grown.

We’re not making smart decision to start the half.

Not a fan of some of the foul calls

Hope Bailey is ok. Need him for sure

We need to speed it up offensively.


A&M has been moving the screen all night and no call.

8 points in 8 minutes will not get it done

Shots not falling. Need more drives to the basket

Musselman going small again.

Two straight possessions with a moving screen and no call. HHHMMM!

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Ugh! I hate coaches that call timeouts around media timeouts.