Arkansas vs. Tennessee

Very tough early on.

Simply have to do better, plain and simple.

We don’t have the roster to compete! Poor recruiting plain and simple.

Not poor recruiting, simply young guys.

Tennessee is on fire in all ways and the officials are calling ticky tack fouls to bail out their screw ups.

Yep, funny the “unbiased” announcers have said that the last two games and our “fans” don’t understand it.

True recruiting has been the biggest downer we cannot afford to sign another glue guy who isn’t a top 100 player yet that’s all we seem to attract

Get Gabe out of the game and pull his scholarship.

I wish he would find a way to avoid the stupid fouls and the TO’s. And it’s not just Gabe, Adrio has helped out with a miserable walk on a sure dunk.
Gafford sure won’t get to show much to scots tonight.
I hoping Gabe fouls out quick.

I’d take Gabe any day of the week over Adrio Bailey.

I’d prefer not to be choosing between those two!

You smoking lol

Neither is acceptable and you’re trying to debate about which one you would take…you can take them both if it means we get two extra scholarships for next season

I would, at least Gabe hustles and draws fouls on the other team when he drives. He’s also the best forward at getting the ball to Gafford and he grabs offensive rebounds. Just this year alone Bailey has probably 3 of the worst plays I’ve seen all year just in the last few weeks.

  1. The shot from behind the basket with 22 seconds left, when we had 2 guys wide open.

  2. The wide open dunk going down the lane that bounces off the rim.

  3. The wide open shot he couldn’t decide to dunk or layup so he just walked.

And honorable mention of him throwing a cross court pass out of bounds no where close to a teammate being able to catch it.

Did you watch the first half? Gabe legit made 3 nice moves to the hoop resulting in fouls and a nice dump off pass to Bailey who missed ANOTHER layup. Gabe makes mistakes, but he at least he competes and doesn’t play scared.

Everything is about recruiting.
The staggering youth of this team is a product of previous recruiting.

Neither one of these guys belong on basketball scholarships here just like Dustin Thomas and Arlando Cook should not have been on scholarships

Name one thing that Gabe did that was worse than shooting a shot behind the basket or more embarrassing on getting called for a walk on a wide open dunk because you couldn’t decide to lay it up or dunk. Those are 2 things you might not see again for several years.

More a product of people being in the program and leaving because they aren’t getting the minutes they - or better stated - their parents think they should be getting.


I have to now ask you what are you smoking.

Bailey is not even in the same conversation as those 2 guys, he’s significantly worse. Did you not see the guy walk when he couldn’t decide to dunk or lay it up!!!??? Say what you want about those other guys, they could make a layup or dunk. Bailey has missed several dunks and layups just in SEC play alone.